OPC vs. PPC: Which Cement to Use for Residential Construction?


Home construction is an area that needs due attention. Here, the quality of the raw materials used in construction matters the most. Cement, being the prime building material, has to be top grade. It offers longevity to the construction and ensures that your building’s foundation is solid. 

If you’ve ever visited any cement factory in India or spoken to an engineer, you would know there are mainly two types of cement used in residential and commercial construction, OPC and PPC. Let’s talk about them in detail. 

Ordinary Portland Cement (OPC)

This type of cement is used for both residential and commercial construction. It contains 95% cement clinkers and 5% gypsum. Its initial setting time is 30 minutes, and the final setting time is 280 minutes. A high-rise building or a flyover construction needs initial strength; that’s why OPC is mainly used for that purpose. It’s durable, and its curing time is a minimum of 7 days. 

You can find OPC in 3 grades: 33 grade, 43 grade, and 53 grade. Jumbo Gold Cement is 43 grade cement that is moisture-free and bears high compressive strength. OPC is less prone to cracking and is resistant to shrinking. Its setting time is faster than PPC; that’s why it’s a preferred choice. 

Portland Pozzolana Cement (PPC)

It is used in both residential and commercial construction projects. Why? The pozzolanic material is used in producing this type of cement which makes it stronger than OPC. Its initial setting time is 30 minutes, and the final setting time is 600 minutes. It’s more durable than OPC and has a curing time of a minimum of 10 days. 

PPC is also available in 3 different grades. The strength of PPC is equivalent to OPC 53 grade. It’s used in brick masonry, tiling, plastering, and waterproofing. You can trust Jumbo PPC cement manufacturers to give you quality cement products with high compressive strength. 

Can you use one type of cement for all applications?

The answer is no. You have to use different types of cement for building different applications. For example, you can use OPC to build RCC structures like columns, footing, slabs, and beam. Why? These applications will need initial strength during the building process. 

As discussed earlier, PPC is used for plastering and tiling work where strength is not the deciding factor. It is economical and best-suited for non-structural applications. 

Choosing the Best Quality Cement in India

Whether you choose OPC or PPC based on your construction requirements, you should buy quality cement. While at it, you should check for the ISI mark. Also, you should check the manufacturing date. 

It’s better to trust the best cement manufacturing company in India than buy from a local source. If you’re looking for a Jumbo OPC cement supplier in India, you’re at the right place. 

J&K Cement Corporation is a pioneer in manufacturing moisture-free OPC and PPC cement in India. Its varied range of cement products is economical and well-suited to Indian climatic conditions. 

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